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„Lofi Cycles“ is the latest Sample Library of Constructed Sounds and a blend of jazzy Electronic driven Sounddesign.

Including carefully crafted Drum Loops, Basslines, Foley Ambiences, Piano Loops, Vinyl Textures, One Shot Drums and FX ready to drag and drop into your favorite DAW.

No matter if you are looking for smooth Piano Chord Progressions, soulful Rhodes Lines or wonky Basslines this collection is the right choice for you.

All 235 Wav files are recorded at 90-92 bpm and available with & without Sidechain- Compression in a dry & wet version for maximum flexibility. 


235 Wav Files in total
 20 Drum Loops (Full, Low, Stripped, Top)
 20 Basslines (Sc/noSc)
 20 Piano Loops (Dry/Wet)
 20 Foley Ambience Loops
 20 FX
 35 Drum One-Shots (Kick, Snare, Hat, Perc)
 10 Vinyl Textures
 90 – 92 bpm
 44,1 kHz / 24 Bit


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