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“Kick Drum Essentials” is the latest installation by german based Sub Label “Engineering Samples RED”.

Including 7 Folders with Dark Techno Kicks, Melodic Techno Kicks, Deep House Kicks, Tech House Kicks, House Kicks, EDM Kicks and Hiphop Kicks in cutting edge quality, recorded using the finest equipment, composed and selected with the highest artistic claim.

Pack Details:

• 7 Kick Drum Folder
• 10 Dark Techno Kicks
• 10 Melodic Techno Kicks
• 10 Deep House Kicks
• 10 Tech House Kicks
• 10 House Kicks
• 10 EDM Kicks
• 10 Hiphop Kicks
• 44 kHz / 24 bit
• 100% Royalty Free


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